Current Princeton PhD students (my advisees and co-advisees)

Cristina Florea.  City of Dreams: Czernowitz at the Crossroads of Empires.

Abigail Kret.  Rival development schemes in the cold war of the 1960s-1970s.

Anna Lind-Guzik.  Soviet copyright law.

Wang Xiyue.  Islamic Inner Asia.

Dmitry Halavach.  Soviet Belorussia.


Completed Princeton PhDs (for whom I have served as adviser, co-adviser, or first reader)

James Pickett (2015).  The Persianate Sphere during the Age of Empires: Islamic Scholars and Networks of Exchange in Central Asia, 1747-1947.
Assistant professor, Pittsburgh University

Anne O’Donnell (2014). A Noah’s Ark: Moscow, Material Life, and the Foundations of Soviet
Authority, 1916-1922.
Assistant professor, NYU

Halit Akarca (2014).  Imperial Formations in Occupied Lands: The Russian Occupation of Ottoman Territories during the First World War.
Postdoctoral fellow, Davis Center, Harvard University

Kyrill Kunakhovich (2013). In Search of Socialist Culture: Art and Politics in Krakow and Leipzig, 1918-1989.
Mellon faculty fellow, College of William and Mary

Franziska Exeler (2013). Reckoning with Occupation: Soviet Power, Local Communities, and the Ghosts of Wartime Behavior in Post-1944 Belorussia.
Postdoctoral fellow, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Ksenia Tatarchenko (2013). A House with the Window to the West: The Akademgorodok Computer Center, 1958-1993.
Visiting assistant professor, NYU Shanghai

Jeremy Friedman (2012).  Reviving Revolution: The Sino-Soviet Split, the Third World, and the Fate of the Left.
Assistant professor, Harvard Business School

Pey-yi Chu (2012). Permafrost Country: Eastern Siberia and the Making of a Soviet Science.
Assistant professor, Pomona College

Mayhill Fowler (2012). Beau Monde: State and Stage on Empire’s Edge, Russia and Soviet Ukraine, 1916-1941.
Assistant professor, Stetson University

Piotr Kosicki (2012). Between Catechism and Revolution: Poland, France, and the Story of Catholicism and Socialism in Europe, 1878-1958.
Assistant professor, University of Maryland, College Park

Elidor Mëhilli (2011). Building the Second World: Postwar Socialism in Albania and the Eastern Bloc.
Assistant professor, Hunter College

Ilya Kharin (2011). Self-Realization of the Japanese Orthodox Church, 1912-1956.
Translator, Loveland, CO

Jeffrey Hardy (2011).  Khrushchev’s Gulag: the Evolution of Punishment in the Post-Stalin Soviet Union, 1953-1964.
Assistant professor, BYU

Mustafa Tuna (2009). Imperial Russia’s Muslims: Inroads of Modernity.
Assistant professor, Duke University

Milena Methodieva (2009). Reform, Politics and Culture Among the Muslims in Bulgaria, 1878–1908.
Adjunct assistant professor, University of Toronto (Near Eastern studies)

Jesse Ferris (2008).  Egypt, the Cold War, and the Civil War in Yemen, 1962–1966.
Vice president, Israel Democracy Institute

Stella “Baty” Landis (2007).  The Soviet Operas of Sergei Prokofiev: In Search of Socialist Realism.
Executive director, Young Aspirations/Young Artists, New Orleans

Tarik Amar (2006). The Making of Soviet Lviv, 1939-1963.
Assistant professor, Columbia University

Milen Petrov (2006).  Tanzimat for the Countryside: Midhat Pasa and the Vilayet of Danube, 1864-1868.
Assessment specialist II, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ

Sada Aksartova (2006).  Civil Society from Abroad: U.S. Donors in the former Soviet Union.  Senior analyst, Government Accounting Office, Washington, D.C.

Eugene Raikhel (2006).  Governing Habits: Addiction and the Therapeutic Market in Russia.
Assistant professor, University of Chicago (Comparative Human Development)

Eileen Kane (2005).  Pilgrims, Holy Places, and the Multi-Confessional Empire.
Associate professor, Connecticut College

Christine Philliou (2004). Worlds Old And New: Phanariot Networks and the Remaking of Ottoman Governance, 1800-1850.
Associate professor, University of California, Berkeley

Michael Reynolds (2003). The Ottoman-Russian Struggle for Eastern Anatolia and the Caucasus, 1908-1918: Identity, Ideology, and the Geopolitics of World Order.
Associate professor, Princeton University (Near Eastern studies)

Kristin Roth-Ey (2003).  Mass Media and the Remaking of Soviet Culture, 1950s–1960s.
Lecturer, University College London

Eric McGlinchey (2002). Ordering Central Asian Transitions: Regime Change in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
Associate professor, George Mason University (political science)

Cynthia Hooper (2002). Popular Participation and Political Control: the Soviet Configuration, in Terror and Beyond.
Associate professor, Holy Cross

Amy Randall (2000).  The Campaign for Soviet Trade: Creating Socialist Retail Trade in the 1930s.
Associate professor, Santa Clara University

Robert Crews (1999). Allies in God’s Command: Muslim Communities and the State in Imperial Russia.
Associate professor, Stanford University

Loretta Fleurs Goodwin (1999).  Education Reform in Moscow Secondary Schools, 1958-1964.
Senior director, American Youth Policy Forum, Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey Hass (1998)To the Undiscovered Country: Institutions, Authority, Culture and Russia’s Transition to the Market, 1988-1997.
Associate professor, University of Richmond (sociology)

Francine Hirsch (1998). Empire of Nations: Colonial Technologies and the Making of the Soviet Union, 1917-1939.
Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison